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When you go to buy area rugs, you will find that there are many options available – different sizes, thicknesses, patterns, construction, fibres and levels of quality. Doing a bit of research before you leave the house to buy area rugs will help you make the best decision, so you will be happy with your choice for years to come. Here are some things for you to consider.
3 Things to Consider When You Buy Area Rugs

  1. Size – Before you buy area rugs, make sure you take a tape measurer and write down the dimensions that will work for the space. If you are planning room size, it is preferable to leave about two feet of space around the rug on all sides. For a hallway, leave about six inches on each side. If you are planning to buy area rugs for other rooms, consider the placement of the furniture, leaving enough to show. For example, make sure you have about 18 inches around a dining room table to accommodate the chairs. You may want to consider the leaves of the table in your calculation, as well. In a bedroom, you can go larger than the bed or put runners on each side.
  2. Décor – Consider your décor to determine whether a solid colour would be go best or if the right type of pattern would augment it beautifully. If you already have lots of patterns, a solid colour might be preferable. Consider whether a similar colour to your current scheme is desired or if you want to mix it up with a splash of another colour.

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  1. Foot Traffic – When you go to a showroom to buy area rugs, one thing you should tell them is how much foot traffic it will need to stand up to. Some materials are better able to handle foot traffic than others. Also mention if there is a likelihood for stains, such as placement in a dining room or nursery.

There is much to consider when you buy area rugs, so the best thing is to communicate your needs precisely with one of our consultants at Giant Carpet Flooring Centre. We have been serving the Barrie, ON area for over 30 years and have the experience you need when selecting the right area rugs for your home. Be sure to check out our online store, as well, so you can see our many options.