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Flooring Stores vs. Big Box Stores

When you are in the market for new flooring, you have several options of places to go to buy your new flooring. You can stop in to one of the big box stores, or you can shop at your local flooring store. Both will be able to get you set up with new flooring, but we are confident that both will not give you the same experience. We believe that shopping at a local flooring store will benefit you in ways that you won’t find at a big box store. We recommend shopping at a flooring store for the following reasons:

  • Personalized Help – Flooring stores typical have fewer employees, so you are more likely to see the same people each time you go to the store. This will help you to get more personalized attention and help during the process of selecting and installing your new floors.
  • Experience – When you shop at a flooring store, you are working with employees who only sell flooring. You won’t run into an employee who works in a different area of the store, but who is filling in at the flooring department. You will receive superior service, knowledge, and care at a local flooring store.
  • Installation – In our experience, we have seen a big difference between the installation experience at a big box store and a flooring store. Flooring stores typically take great care to train their installers to do the job correctly and well. When purchasing flooring through a big box store, you won’t know who you will get for your installation and how they have been trained.