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How Do You Use Your Area Rugs? Try One of These Solutions

If you have been looking at area rugs and you aren’t sure how they could be utilized in your home, you might be surprised to learn that they can be a game changer for living areas of all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the best uses for area rugs:

  • High-Traffic Areas. Did you know that area rugs offer protection to your flooring in high-traffic areas? Especially at the front door, down long hallways, and entryways to your patio or porch, you will find an area rug useful and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Dining Room. Another beautiful place to add an area rug is under the dining room table. Not only will it frame your dining room in such a way that the space is more inclusive, but it can tie together cooking and eating areas, make the room more inviting, or add a pop of colour you might be missing.
  • Kitchen. Using area rugs in the kitchen has become a popular trend because it turns the space into a living area and not just a “work” area. Add some flair with a themed area rug or use something that ties in with the style of your kitchen. You may find that having an area rug underfoot makes staying in the kitchen more comfortable and inviting!
  • Bedside. Especially if you have hardwood flooring, using area rugs in the bedroom can greatly improve your comfort! Hardwood floors are notoriously cold, so having an area rug to step on can make your barefoot experience more enjoyable. You can also use an area rug under the bed to tie the theme of the room together or create a sense that the space is larger than it truly is.

One final tip about area rugs is that they can be used on hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and even carpet! They offer an added layer of protection in addition to their aesthetic and functional appeal. You can look at Giant Carpet Flooring Centre’s selection of area rugs online, then stop by to pick one up for your home!