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Area RugsAt Giant Carpet Flooring Centre, our online store is home to many types of area rugs that can complete any space with style. However, as you look at the area rugs we sell online, you may not know exactly where to start. To make sure your new area rugs complete your space perfectly, there are a few key features you need to consider, which include:

  • Colour—If you already have a lot of colours and patterns going on in your space, it may be best to go with an area rug that is a neutral colour with a small print or no print at all. However, if your space could use a little bit of interest, you should pick out a rug in a fun pattern or colour. Whatever colour you choose, just make sure it complements the other furnishings and accents already in the room.
  • Texture—As you consider what type of texture you want to go with for your rug, think about the other textures already present in your space. Generally speaking, it’s best for there to be a contrast between textures. For example, if you have a leather sofa in your room, a rug with a longer, fluffier pile could add interest to the space.
  • Size—If you have an open space you want to add an area rug to, the rug should fill up the space while leaving a little bit of room at its edges. A rug that hits the wall will look too big, and a rug that is too small will seem out of place.