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Vinyl Click PlankIf you have children or pets, or you just want floors that are easy to care for and will last for years to come, make sure you take a look at your vinyl click plank flooring options. New technology has allowed for the development of vinyl click plank flooring that is easy to install, easier to maintain and recreates the look of all different kinds of hardwood flooring.

Unlike hardwood floors, which can be costly and easily damaged, these vinyl planks are the perfect complement to your high traffic areas. They can be installed on virtually any surface that is flat and level throughout your home, regardless of moisture. This includes bathrooms and kitchens. They are an excellent choice for basements. You can finally have the look of wooden floors in places you can’t or don’t want to install real wood flooring. It is also softer and warmer than tile options for bare feet.

There is a wide variety of vinyl click plank flooring now available. The pieces are available in various lengths and widths that mimic wood plank flooring perfectly. Each vinyl plank can have beveled edges for a smooth finish. No matter what wood finish you want to recreate, there is a vinyl counterpart to match.

Vinyl flooring has three main layers. The bottom layer is the backing and maintains the structure of the floor. Next is the printed design layer. If you would prefer the look of natural stones, such as travertine, marble, slate or quartz, these options are also available. The top layer is the main protective layer. It is made of urethane, which makes it easier to clean and hard to scuff or scratch. Together these layers will bring you the look you love, at a price you love, and a floor that is easy to maintain and lasts for years.