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Area Rugs in Barrie, OntarioInterior designers agree that area rugs are a foundational accessory for any room. These rugs can make a statement while pulling various aspects of the room’s décor together. When placed in the correct location and with the correct colour schemes and textures, you can define or change the entire look and feel of your home.

We suggest that before you go out and choose that perfect area rug for your room, you consider a few elements to make the biggest statement.

First, what is your colour scheme do you want to go with?  If you have soft tones or bold colours, you want your area rug to complement that colour scheme. You should also take into consideration the colour tones of the flooring it will be sitting on.

Second, what is the style of the furniture and other decorations and accessories in the room? You don’t want to pick out area rugs that have a style and design contrary to the furniture and accessories in the room.  For example, if you have contemporary furniture in your room, you wouldn’t go with a more classical looking area rug.

Finally, what activities occur in the room?  If this is a high-traffic area, you may want a more durable design and material.

Whatever your style, at Giant Carpet Flooring Centre,  we are more than happy to assist you in choosing area rugs that are perfect for the rooms in your home. Stop by and visit us today or give us a call.