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When Should You Opt for Custom Floors?

Many people who are shopping for new flooring don’t know if they need to choose custom floors for their home. If the standard usually works, it should be fine, right? While there is a reason that standard flooring is, well, standard, there are also a few instances in which custom floors will be the better option.

  • High Traffic. One reason custom floors are an ideal option for many homeowners is because they have high-traffic areas that need a more durable flooring solution. Some hardwood flooring types and carpets aren’t well-suited to high-traffic areas, so having custom floors can ensure the longevity of your flooring in these areas.
  • Odd Shapes. Another opportunity for custom floors is for rooms that are an odd shape or size. Knowing that you have great flooring that is installed to perfectly fit these spaces will not only make the room look better but also make it more comfortable to be in.
  • Older Homes. If you own an older home, then you know that sometimes they can come with unexpected issues as you are remodeling or renovating. Custom floors are the ideal solution in this case because you can get something true to the home’s history, to fit the layout and function, and to suit the character as well.
  • Specific Aesthetic. Finally, custom floors are a great way to go when you have a specific aesthetic in mind for your home. Whether it’s the type of hardwood flooring or a specialty carpet that makes sense for your needs, custom flooring will ensure that you enjoy your space for years to come.

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